My given name is Jamie, and my inner muse is Mertlemay.

I am the wife of Michael (Mike), and mother of Wiatt, Oscar and Iris.
We enjoy a life of sunshine, dirt, food, water and art of many forms. I live happily with my 3 children and a musical husband in a little place close to Nashville, Tennessee. 

We are homesteaders, with the dreams of having an almost self- sustaining kitchen garden, orchard, berry patch and animal population. We  love with all things in nature, even squash bugs. My family has been educating ourselves in as many things from permaculture design to fermentation, deep nature connection to beneficial insects. This is a journey of adventure: exploration, discovery and ultimately lifestyle shifting. We currently raise egg-laying and meat birds; we have been purchasing our pork from a friends' farm, and small amounts of beef from a local farm, for over 8-9 years. So, we have been on this journey for a while!

My husband and I are both artists; he is a wonderful musician/song-writer, and I enjoy making jewelry for myself and others, as well as many other forms of art. 

I created this page to exhibit those creations, write out rambling ideas or poetry, and share images of what inspires my creativity. 

Just as a side note, we do not currently live from the income from our artistry. That is a dream, but for now, we are balancing quite a large number of projects at the same time. He works in landscapes, and I am a free-lance apparel designer and developer. We both have part-time jobs as well as school our children at home. This is a LONG laundry list, I know. Sometimes we think we are crazy, and other times, we realize it is important to push yourself to try to create time for your art. So, here it goes.